The Knutsford Big Bulb Plant is part of the Knutsford Nature Action Plan, a series of steps we are taking to improve the town for wildlife. By planting a number of spring bulbs, not only will the town look beautiful for humans it will provide pollinators with some early food too. We ran the first Big Bulb Plant for two weeks in October 2021, its now back for the whole of October 2022.

We are supporting the community in hosting local bulb planting events. We’re providing event hosts with an assortment of suitable bulbs for them to lead a bulb planting event in their local area. You can find the events registered with us below!


If you’d like to see bulbs planted on a space near you, take the lead and register an event. We will provide you with an assortment of suitable bulbs as well as some flyers to deliver to neighbours to promote the event. Events will be listed on this page too.


Location Date Time Meet
Green lane Tabley Rd Junction 08/10/2022 9am Green Lane Tabley Rd Junction
Manor Crescent, Large Green 08/10/2022 12pm On the green
Opposite thatched cottages Tabley Rd 14/10/2022 7.30am Outside thatched cottages Knutsford
Queensway Green 15/10/2022 2pm Queensway Green
Verges on Bexton Road 16/10/2022 11am 88 Bexton Road
Field by 2nd Knutsford Scouts Hut 19/10/2022 5.30pm Field next to 2nd Knutsford Scouts hut.
Opposite Manor Crescent/Manor Park North Junction 20/10/2022 7pm 2nd Knutsford Scouts hut
Verges around Grove Park Entrance 22/10/2022 2pm Roundabout
Grass Verge Opposite Houses on Beggarmans Lane 24/10/2022 10am Grass Verge Opposite Houses on Beggarmans Lane
Manor Park South Verges 29/10/2022 11am Opposite St Vincents School
Green spaces on Mansion Drive and Beech Drive 29/10/2022 2.30pm Mansion Drive/Thorneyholme Drive Junction
Hayfields/Shaw Drive 29/10/2022 1.30pm Hayfields
Verges behind St Vincent’s Church 30/10/2022 10am Corner of Garden Road & Tatton Street
Northwich Road Verges 30/10/2022 12pm Corner of Lilac/Northwich Road
Verges and green spaces along Garden Road 03/11/2022 10.30am Corner of Garden Road and Mereheath Park
Verges on Northfields 05/11/2022 10.30am Bungalows on Northfields


Complete the form below to apply to host an event. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your event is registered and information on how to get your bulbs and flyers.

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Our first Big Bulb Plant took place in 2021, here’s the different areas you covered. These places can always be repeated, so feel free to host a second event!

  • St John’s Avenue Verge
  • Crosstown Community Orchard, Mobberley Road
  • Sharston Crescent Green outside 39-45
  • Green on Tree Way / Beggarmans Lane
  • Mansion Drive and Beech Drive
  • Green on Highland Way/Beggarmans Lane
  • Manor Crescent, Large Green
  • Grove Park
  • Mobberley Road Verges
  • Overfields
  • Hayton Street Verges
  • Wallwood
  • Mereheath Park Roundabout Green
  • Green on Ashworth Park (opp nos. 18-22)
  • Garden Road
  • Green on Ladies Mile
  • Verges on Westfield Drive
  • Verges opposite 84-90 Bexton Road
  • Shaw Drive / Hayfields
  • Toft Road by Beggarmans Lane
  • Verges on Mobberley Road
  • Verges at 90-108 Grove Park
  • Carwood Green
  • Queensway Green