2015 Election Results

Knutsford residents went to the polls on Thursday 7th May to vote in elections for all three tiers of government; national, Cheshire East Council and Knutsford Town Council.

In the Tatton Parliamentary elections, George Osborne [CON]  was returned with 26,552 votes –  a majority of 18,241. Georges Osborne has subsequently been reappointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Cheshire East Council Election

Knutsford elected three councillors to Cheshire East Council.

Turnout: 68.74%

DEAN, TonyConservative3,503Elected
GARDINER, StewartConservative3,758Elected
TEMPEST, JulieIndependent2,193
GODDEN, JosephLabour2,383
WELLS-BRADSHAW, HayleyConservative2,915Elected

Knutsford Town Council Election

Knutsford Town Council comprises 15 councillors elected across 4 wards.

Bexton Ward

Bexton Ward was not contested and the three nominated candidates were duly elected.

DEAN, TonyConservativeElected
GRAY, ChristineConservativeElected
HUTCHENCE, SimonConservativeElected

Nether Ward

Nether Ward elects three councillors to the Town Council.

Turnout: 68.63%

GRAY, ChristopherConservative 690Elected
GARDINER, StewartConservative855Elected
POWER, JamesConservative650Elected
TEMPEST, JulieIndependent650

Lots were drawn to resolve the dead heat, and James Power won.

Over Ward

Over Ward elects six councillors to the Town Council.

Turnout: 60.47%

BANCROFT, YvonneIndependent1209Elected
COAN, PeterConservative886Elected
FARBER, JonathanConservative905Elected
FORBES, NeilConservative921Elected
FROEHLICH, JaneConservative819
GOODRICH, JulianConservative871Elected
HOUGHTON, MichaelConservative811
MALLOY, AndrewIndependent1278Elected

Norbury Booths Ward

Norbury Booths Ward elects three councillors to the Town Council.

Turnout: 77.62%

GREENSTEIN, CharlotteIndependent802Elected
NICHOLSON, JanetConservative 970Elected
WELLS-BRADSHAW, HayleyConservative 870Elected
WELLS-BRADSHAW, JonConservative 764


The new councillors will take office on Monday 11th May and their first meeting is Mayor Making on May 18th.

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