Town Council Objects to Land Sale

Knutsford Town Council  is seeking to protect valued public open space at Longridge/ North Downs from a potential sale by Cheshire East Council. A portion of the land, which is public open space for the Downs estates, is proposed to be sold to provide a road to access the adjacent strategic development site.

Initially plans were for the full site to be sold, but interventions from the Town Council, Cheshire East Ward Councillors and KROW (Knutsford Residents of Over Ward)  mean the smaller area is now all that is being considered.

However, the Town Council remains opposed to the creation of a road on this important open space.The land, which is in Green Belt and soon to be designated as Local Green Space under the Neighbourhood Plan, has also been nominated to be registered as an Asset of Community Value. This would mean that any proposed sale would be halted to give the Town Council the opportunity to bid to purchase the land instead.

The Town Council has today written to Cllr Rachel Bailey, leader of Cheshire East Council and to the members of her Cabinet setting out our objections to the disposal (which you can read here) and offering our support in helping to discharge the covenant on the adjacent ‘ransom strip’. The sale is proposed as a strip of land which fronts the development area is covenanted to prevent development, the beneficiaries of the covenant being the houses on Longridge estate.

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