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Design Guide Consultation Response

The Town Council has responded to the Cheshire East Council consultation on the new Borough Design Guide. The Town Council has objected to Knutsford being classified in the “North Cheshire Fringe” on the grounds that it gives the impression Knutsford is more urban than it is. We have requested that more consideration is given to the varied architecture of Knutsford and have given a range of examples of what the Town Council considers best represent Knutsford.

Our overall comment on the document is that it  is essential that all of Knutsford’s heritage and character is recognised in the Design Guide because this is what both planning officers and developers will be referring to in planning decisions and without this Knutsford’s character will be misrepresented and its sense of place will be lost forever. For this reason we argue that the description of Knutsford must be accurate.

You can view the full consultation response here:  Consultation Response to Design Guide

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Town Council Responds to Local Plan Consultation

The Town Council met at a specially convened meeting on Tuesday 29th March 2016 to agree its response to the consultation on the revisions to the Local Plan Strategy and as part of the consultation response repeated comments made to the Inspector in September 2015 supporting the North Cheshire Growth Village.

The Town Council is determined to maintain the character of Knutsford as a thrivingand picturesque historic market town, and a valuable key service centre for the area. The Town Council also understands the pressures of population growth and the current housing shortage. Therefore, whilst the Town Council would have been happier with the 650 houses allocated in the 2014 submission version of the local plan, it looks at the allocation of 950 contained within the current draft as a proposal “it can live with” and control with the help of a Neighbourhood Plan to maintain the character of the town.

You can view our full consultation response here: Response to CEC Local Plan Consultation

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