Current Projects

Asset Transfers

One of the major Town Council projects since 2010 has been a programme of asset transfers from Cheshire East Council in the spirit of localism. To date, the Council has taken ownership of two town centre toilet blocks which were refurbished (and subsequently awarded Gold in the Loo of the Year awards), the market hall and the Warren Avenue and Sparrow Lane allotments.  The Town Council also now holds the market rights for the town.

The Town Council has agreed a business case for the transfer of the Town Council Offices which it aims to progress within the next 12 months and is developing a business case for the transfer at land on Longridge/North Downs to create a new park.

Centennial War Memorial

The idea of creating a centennial war memorial for Knutsford has formed the focus of the council’s commemoration of the First World War centenary. The Town Council has been working with the Knutsford Royal British Legion to relocate the Haron Baronian Statue to form a new war memorial for Knutsford and undertaken public consultation on the idea and the roll of honour. We have now secured planning permission for the new memorial and are arranging the final details with Cheshire East Council.

Cemetery Improvements

The Town Council owns the Tabley Hill Cemetery but it is operated by Cheshire East Council. The Town Council has increased up efforts to improve the cemetery over recent years and has a dedicated working group which works with CEC to monitor the condition of the cemetery and seek additional improvements. Recent improvements have included the re-standing of over 125 grave stones and removal of large shrubs to open the cemetery back out. The council is now looking to further improvements, such as a garden of remembrance and improved usage of the cemetery chapel.

Toilet Spaces

Following the transfer of the two toilet blocks at Bexton Road and King Street, the Town Council arranged for the installation of brand new toilet facilities. The new toilet cubicles take up far less space within the footprint of the buildings than the former toilet units and the Operations committee is looking at creating commercial units in the buildings to generate rental income.