Community Governance Review

Community Governance Review

Knutsford Town Council is petitioning Cheshire East Council to undertake a Community Governance Review. This is the process whereby the town council boundary and warding arrangements are looked at. We are pressing for the boundary to be expanded to include the housing development on Northwich Road which is technically in Tabley. We also want our wards (Over/Nether/Bexton/Norbury Booths) to be reviewed to fix some anomalies which will occur when the housing is all built.

To progress this, we need around 800 signatures from Knutsford electors (those registered to vote). So far we have around 300 so we need your help.

If you have any queries, contact the Town Clerk, Adam Keppel-Green: 01565 653 929  or

Help us out

You can sign the petition via the Cheshire East Council website. You need to create an account and log-in:

Sign the Petition

You can also hep gather signatures by printing our petition sheet and returning this the council offices.

Download Petition Sheet

Download the Boundary Map


Why this is important

  • The new residents will think they live in Knutsford but not be represented by Knutsford councillors
  • The new residents will not pay the Knutsford Town Council precept (council tax) so not contribute to our services – existing residents will therefore pay more (as the amount you pay is based on the number of council tax paying households)
  • When all the houses are built the ratio of councillors to residents will be skewed in different council wards
  • The development on Longridge will be split between two wards (Over and Norbury Booths)