Agendas & Minutes

All meetings of the Council and Committees are open to the public, and have a period set aside on the agenda for the public to voice concerns or ask questions. There are some occasions where the public and press may be excluded to discuss sensitive items in private, but the Council seeks to minimise such occasions.



Environment Committee

Events Committee


Assets Committee

Personnel Committee

Finance Committee


Planning Committee

Council Offices Sub-Committee



The Council and its committees often consider reports prepared by members or officers which provide sufficient detail to enable effective decisions to be made at meetings. The reports below provide the backgrounds to a number of recent decisions taken by the Council; whilst not all reports are below (because there are a lot) you may request any report from the Town Clerk. Reports form part of the agenda for the meetings. For consultation reports click here.

Ashworth Park Consultation Report

O14/060 - Asset Transfers

Open Spaces Survey Report