We believe that involving citizens in decisions which affect their lives is a means to develop an empowered and strong community and whilst we can’t force people to engage, but will do our best to make it easy and attractive for people to do so. When we want people’s views on a project, we will consult the community. Our ‘open’ (whole community) consultations will always run for at least six weeks and we will avoid running them over school summer holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Any consultations we run will be hosted here and we will always post a consultation report after each consultation.


There are currently no open consultations, but if you’d like to let us know your views on any matter just email us on


Nature Action Plan Planting Plan


Consultation period: 09/11/2020 to 18/12/2020.

We consulted on the draft planting plan which set out the public spaces we plant to plant with trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers over the next four years.  The aim of the consultation was to gather resident’s input on the specific proposals. The consultation report is currently being prepared and the Planting Plan finalised.

Town Centre Masterplan – Traffic Flow and Car Parking in Knutsford Town Centre


Consultation period: 05/02/2020 to 16/03/2020.

We consulted on proposals to change the traffic flow and car parking arrangements in Knutsford Town Centre as part of the first stage of a Town Centre Masterplan.

The consultation was supported by four community meeting presentations. A total of 658 responses were received to the consultation which demonstrated 58% support of the proposals.